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We are the Frenches and we are so grateful that you have landed in our little corner of the internet! We live just outside Nashville, Tennessee with our crazy little crew (Herschel, Lee, Sellers + pups Reba and Izzy). Herschel and Lee have the super fun reality of serving on staff together for our local church. Herschel serves as the Adult Ministry Program Director and Lee is a Student Minister. Our faith is foundational to us and to be able to provide for our family through vocational ministry is a dream.

Both of us sensed a strong calling towards adoption before we ever met  and have talked openly about expanding our family this way since the earliest days of dating. We knew we would adopt at some point, we just didn't know how soon it would be! In our first year of marriage, we tried to conceive on our own, but discovered that it would be difficult for us to conceive naturally. While this was a difficult season in our lives, we also found great joy in our original desire to adopt. Adoption was never plan B for us.. it just came sooner in Plan A than we had originally thought! Because of the generosity of our incredible "village" we adopted our first child, Sellers, in December of 2016. 

When we set out to adopt Sellers, we had no idea the blessing we had in store. He is our deepest pride and our greatest joy. Being his Mom and Dad is the greatest honor of our lives! We cant wait to welcome another precious child into our little nest (and make Sellers a big brother!) and we are eager to spend our lives loving, nurturing, and watching Sellers and our future children grow into amazing men and women. 



You can learn more about us and follow our journey by visiting our blog. We can't wait to share our story with you!