My decision to pursue youth ministry is 70% calling and 30% I-Didn’t-Ever-Want-To-Do-Math-Again. 

Actually maybe closer to 60/40.

But, when God calls you to adopt and you jump into the wild world of raising thousands and thousands of dollars- you have to suck it up and crunch all the numbers.

Today, I did just that. 

Stay with me: We need around $25,000 more dollars to bring our babe home.  While I’m no mathematician, I know that is a BIGGUN. And if I’m real honest that number has me a bit anxious. 

So, I decided to break it all down so my little brain could make sense of it .. and lookie what I found:

We have 13 t-shirts, 6 water bottles, 2 sweatshirts, and 15 stickers left to sell. We need to fill 140 more envelopes.

That's 176 items when added together.


If 176 people would buy ONE item or fill ONE envelope we would be able to add $17,884 to our adoption account.

-OR -88 people could buy TWO items (check out those division skills!!) and get us to the same number-

That would get us just $5000 from our overall goal. THAT WOULD BE SO CLOSE. THIS IS DOABLE. There is something for every budget- 5$ stickers, $20 shirts, and envelopes as low as $32 dollars. 

Friends: BETWEEN YOU AND ME AND OUR NETWORKS, WE KNOW 176 people. RIGHT? That’s not even a 1/3 of some of you popular peeps’ friend lists.

Will you help us spread the word? WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER. WE CAN, WE CAN, WE CAN!