So here we are. Adoption round two. Everything went so well with adoption round one that we probably have no fears or anything going into it this time, right?

I wish. 

Adoption is hard. It’s no secret that Lee and I can’t do this alone. We need money. We need prayers. We need friends standing by us through this whole experience. For a couple of introverts, this is extremely outside of our comfort zone. 

There’s this belief we all have that we should be able to do stuff on our own. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, they say. Don’t rely on anyone but yourself. 

And yet adoption requires us to do the exact opposite. We have to ask for help. And it’s really hard. And scary. And sometimes it makes us question if we should be walking through this door at all. 

But when we pray, when we meditate on what God is saying to us, well.. we can’t help but believe that God is calling us to adopt again. And we know that is only possible by seeking the help of friends, family, and the people of God. 

For those of you who are on our team, we are eternally grateful. For those of you whom we don’t know, or are still deciding if you are being called to help us, know this: we do not ask for help lightly. We recognize the sacrifice every single person who gives financially, or of their time, or of their prayers makes. We recognize that when you join our team, you’re part of our family’s story. 

It’s impossible to look at Sellers and not be reminded of the great love poured out on us by everyone who helped us during adoption round one. 


So thank you..And here’s to seeing what God does for round two!


- Herschel