Herschel and I are good at things.. like puzzles, Parenthood marathons, and raising dogs who only  use the potty in the house one or two times a week. 

But our friends? They rule at stuff like prenatal medicine and winning nationally recognized court cases and running non-profits. 

We have TALENTED friends. 

The best part, though? We have TALENTED friends who care very little about recognition or fame but steward their gifts with grace, humility, and ease. Friends, like Josh Johnson, who is as gifted as he is good-hearted. 

Josh is so talented that he'll just about make you mad. HOW CAN ONE PERSON GET ALL THE GOODS?! I feel confident he is not as good at puzzles as us,  so we hold tight to that. 

Josh is a special, special friend to us and we have walked through so much together the last several years. We spent hours discerning our calling together, praying and believing that God would lead us. We celebrated together when He did. Josh sang me down the aisle of our wedding. This last year, we held on for dear life as he tragically lost his sister and we got the news of our infertility. We have had our fair share of "why's" and "how's". 

As early news of our adoption began to circulate to our closest people, we began to further articulate our calling and share the confirmation God had given us to go ahead. We were walking out of a season of darkness into an unfamiliar, but blindingly bright place- full of hope, full of total abandonment and trust. It was exciting to share that with our friends, like Josh, who had prayed us through the dark, weary, and ugly. 

Josh weathered the whole ride with us and was somehow able to weave together our heartache and hope - giving them melody and life. Allowing the Spirit to move, Josh sat down with our conversations and his journal and, as only he could do, penned the anthem to our story:

Light breaks, bringing hope as endless nights fade / We see the dawn of a new beginning / Hope blooms, in these broken hearts, you renew/ every lost long tattered dream/ Fleeting are the promises of man throughout the ages, but many are the promises of God in Jesus / Yes, we say Amen/ Lord we know that you are sovereign and we trust your gentle hand/ For God you are faithful on this journey you have planned/ We will abide in You. 


In his words, he "threw something together on guitar" (ok, whatever. let me tell you guys what it would be like if I "threw something" together on an instrument: painful), then grabbed his friend, took it to the studio.. and now it echoes all around our house as we claim the promise of God for our story, for yours.

Lord we know that you are sovereign and we trust your gentle hand.

We want you to sing along with us. You can buy the FULL song (that was just a snippet) for $4 right here on our site. I know, I know. FOUR DOLLARS. But we are trying to get to our baby, people! Two dollars of that goes directly to our adoption, two dollars goes directly to Josh and his upcoming mission to Australia (He is on staff at Crosspoint UMC in Florida and you can read all about their church/mission by visiting the link).  

Head on over to our site store and join our song, friends..

- Lee and Hersch


(ps: tune sound familiar? fun fact! it was the background to our announcement video!)