I swear yesterday was May 28th. 

Somehow I looked up and it was, in fact, NOT the end of May. WHAT IN ALL THE HEAVENS. 

Instead? It's the end of JUNE and the legitimate suspicions I have about some sort of strange summer time warp have hit a level 10. 

How can it even be?!

Well- Somehow, here we are. One of my favorite parts of this whole youth ministry gig is all the summer fun and travel. I love, LOVE seeing and serving new places with our students. But, MERCY. It plays mean tricks on my internal calendar!

I've been home a whopping 9 days this month and those days have been unpacking, laundry, and repacking (the stuff summer dreams are made of, right?!). 

Right now, H and I are driving through the Mojave Desert in California. About 6 months ago, some of our friends asked us to take a little summer trip with them- something we have talked about and tried to plan for years. They had a plethora of hotel points and graciously offered them to us if we could just fly to meet them. We saved and bought our flight in February.. just a few short weeks before our lives sort of exploded with confirmation of our fertility issues.

With all the unexpected costs of doctors visits, tests, and now adoption costs - our finances have been put on lockdown. We have saved, cut back, saved, and cut back again. And again. I'm kind of a freak show when it comes to budgeting and saving and I know we would have never been able to buy tickets or put money aside for a trip if we hadn't done it before the crap hit the fan.  I can't help but think the Lord knew how badly we would need to get away, to get a little respite with our friends. I'll be honest- just the anticipation of our trip has helped us get through the darkest and crappiest of days. 

This trip isn't the only exciting thing going on, though- and before we unplug the crazy for a few days, we wanted to give you an update on all of the things. It's been a WHOPPER of a week for Baby French!

First, an update on financial progress. YALL. Are you ready for this?! 

We have filled 77 envelopes, signed up over 30 racers for The 5k, done our dog and babysitting duties, driven miles and miles for Uber, and received countless general donations.

This all  adds up to a crazy $12,334 raised for Baby French.



Our minds are blown, our hearts are exploding, and our hands are lifted high to the Giver of all good things. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, friends.

This means that we only need about $9000 to meet our goal (We know of about $2000 more on its way, so we are really looking at more of a $7000 goal.)



But, wait.. That's not all! We got this little jewel in our inbox on Friday....

As my best friend, Amy, said (through squeals) "this is your positive pregnancy test!!". I may not ever have a blue line on a stick, but I think I might have felt the rush of excitement and panic and "HOLY CRAP!" many of you have described to me when you found out your little one was coming. For us, this means it's REALLY happening. 

So what now? As soon as we meet our financial goal, our profile will "go live". This means that our profile will be shown to birth families who are seeking adoptive parents, like us, for their child. The timeline of placement after "going live" can be anywhere from 1 week to 1 year. 


The thought that our baby is most likely already cooking in their birth mother's belly? It is sobering, sacred. 

Baby French, we are coming for you. We are praying for you, for your birth family.. praying that God would prepare us and shape us for the honor of being your parents.

Friends, we are praying for you too. We don't close our eyes for sleep each night without thanking God for your investment in our little family. It's been a bit surreal to learn how far some of you would go for us and the friendship of so many of you will stay with us forever. 

Thank you for sharing our story, our statuses, for joining us, for praying us through. We could not have come this far and we surely cannot go ahead without you. 

We pray you'll enjoy this holiday week and weekend with those you love and that through our story, you might experience peace and joy that comes from His faithfulness. He is so good. 



Now time to put our phones and computers away for a couple days and enjoy some rest with our people (and some aircon because: 108 DEGREES). 


Bear hugs and endless thank-you's from the wild, wild West,