I couldn't possibly articulate the excitement that is so deep in our bones today. We have been busting at the seams to share our news! 

I'll admit that in the middle of all the joy, I also feel a little bit exposed in sharing our story, especially this chapter of it. It feels insanely personal and raw for us, but we know that God is using this process to teach us transparency and humility. It feels beyond strange to think that we can't have a baby without your help- but I feel like God is helping me understand the value of community in a new, authentic, and tangible way. Honestly, community isn't really my thing. That may be a tad surprising considering I make a living (that I LOVE) helping people find their place in the great, big Body of Christ. I find great delight in helping others find their community, but the introvert in me would so much rather keep to my people, my places, and myself. But.. here we are, living out our weird and exciting reality and letting the whole wide world walk right up into our business! While admittedly somewhat awkward, we are so thankful that people like you care and want to join in our journey and we have no doubt that we will be better because of this beautiful season and your generous friendship. 

So.. The details. Here's the skinny. We are pursuing domestic adoption through a private (INCREDIBLE) agency out of Kansas City, MO. Once our money is raised, we will have anywhere from a 1 month to a  1 year wait for an infant placement. 

The process looks a little bit like this:

1) Pick an Agency

2) Contract with an Agency

3) Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork (Gathering documents, fingerprints, background checks, reference letters, Interest Essays, Financial Records, Tax Analysis.. the list goes on and on..)

4)Organize that Paperwork for HomeStudy

5) Homestudy Visits (2 visits from Social Worker/Agency)

6) Completion of Adoptive Family Profile (Text, Video)

7)Homestudy Report Written, Approved, and Sealed

**7b) Raise Remaining Finances

8)GO LIVE! (Our profile will be unlocked on the agency's website and made public to potential birthmothers)


We have completed steps 1-6 and are hovering around step 7 (!!!! WE ARE SO CLOSE, FRIENDS!!!!) Our home study visits are complete and now we wait for our social worker to write our report and send it to our agency for final approval. Our role in that is complete, so now we are focusing all of our energy on raising the remaining $22,000 we need to go live. (To be clear, we could "go live" as soon as our home study is approved, but we want to be ready when we are matched and don't want to miss an opportunity to accept a referral because we don't have our finances in order. Does that make sense?). 


We can't wait to share every little step of this journey with you, so please do bookmark our page and stop in for updates. Thank you in advance for your prayers and encouragement. Maybe it's  overzealous, but it's as if we can already feel them. We love you and we are beyond grateful for your willingness to join our "Yes and Amen!". 


ps: don't forget to SHARE SHARE SHARE! 


Prayer Focus for today: Our potential birth family. Please pray that they might somehow feel the warmth and love you are sharing with us on this special day.